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Giving Back

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In today's world, the importance of companies giving back to their communities cannot be overstated. Charitable giving has a profound impact on society, providing vital resources and support to those in need.


As a Canadian manufacturer of medical-grade face masks, CANADAMASQ has a unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Canadians and beyond. By giving back to their community, they can contribute to the well-being of those in need and create a better world for all.

Hope and Healing Cananda Masq

5 Million Masks

5 Million Blessings

During the omicron surge in 2022, CANADAMASQ donated 5 million masks to southern Sub-Saharan Africa where omicron originated. 


During christmas 2022, CANADAMASQ donated $7,670 to supply baby warmers to hospitals in Zambia, to help save premature babies.


And now CANADAMASQ has donated 2 mask machines, raw materials, technician training, etc, to help Zambia build a sustainable PPE supply chain


Dear valued customer,

Thousands of premature babies in Sub-Saharan Africa are struggling to survive without baby warmers.

We are so grateful for your generosity and support in helping us raise $7,670. Your contribution will go towards 2 baby warmers, which will help to save the lives of thousands of premature babies in Africa. We couldn't have made it this far without your kind heart and willingness to help. Thank you for joining us in this meaningful mission.

Please remain tuned in for more follow-up news from our company.

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The war in Ukraine has impacted millions of children’s lives and well-being. Homes, schools, and water treatment facilities are being damaged, and hundreds of thousands of families are being displaced.


Hence, CANADAMASQ has joined forces with UNICEF, and raised $30,000 in helping to provide emergency assistance to children and their families in Ukraine.




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