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Our Story

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CANADAMASQ is a Canadian manufacturer of ASTM F@100 medical-grade face masks.

As a trusted supplier of the Ontario Government and various Regional Governments, we offer Lever 1, Level 2 and Level 3 adult and pediatric procedure/surgical masks to public and private sector customers across Canada and around the world.

CANADAMASQ is a game-changing Canadian manufacturer of medical-grade face masks, designed to protect Canadians from harmful viruses and bacteria.


We are a proud participant in the national PPE supply chain, and our products are ASTM 2100 Certified to meet the highest standards for quality and safety.


Our cutting-edge ISO 8 Clean Room Environment is equipped with a specialized testing lab that ensures that our products meet superior quality control standards, as well as supporting ongoing research and development of new, eco-friendly products.


Our commitment to innovation, education, and quality guarantees better health, wellbeing, and protection for all Canadians today and for generations to come.


Choose CANADAMASQ for superior quality face masks that you can trust.


8 Procedure Mask Production Lines
15 Respirator Production Lines


Square Feet
ISO8 - 100,000 Level Cleanroom

50 000 000

Masks Made

Per Month


•CANADAMASQ is committed to providing high-quality products to Canadians.

•Our manufacturing is done in a state-of-the-art ISO 8 Clean Room Environment.

•Our Clean Room is equipped with a dedicated testing lab to ensure superior quality control standards.

•We are constantly researching and developing innovative and environmentally friendly products.

By prioritizing quality in every step of the manufacturing process, we provide our customers with the highest-quality products they can trust for protection


•CANADAMASQ is committed to innovation in the healthcare industry.

•We are constantly researching and developing new products to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

•We prioritize the development of environmentally friendly products to reduce our impact on the environment.

•By producing high-quality, medical-grade face masks, we contribute to the national PPE supply chain and support the healthcare industry in Canada.

•Our innovative products provide Canadians with the protection they need to stay healthy and safe, both now and in the future.


•CANADAMASQ is committed to serving Canadians and the Canadian healthcare system.

•Our products contribute to the national PPE supply chain and support the healthcare industry in Canada.

•We prioritize the safety and protection of Canadians by producing high-quality, effective face masks.

•Our state-of-the-art Clean Room Environment is equipped with a dedicated testing lab to ensure that our products meet superior quality control standards.

•We prioritize environmental sustainability by developing eco-friendly products and reducing our impact on the environment.

•By supporting the healthcare industry and prioritizing quality and safety in every step of our manufacturing process, we show our commitment to serving Canadians and keeping them safe and healthy.


We've Got You 


CANADAMASQ is proud to create and support manufacturing jobs in Canada.

CANADAMASQ is COMMITTED to protecting our country with Canadian-made solutions that are innovative and affordable.  A local, Canadain manufacturing facility allows us to rely on ourselves a little bit more... and at CANADAMASQ we are doing that;

one MASQ at a time!

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Proud Members of the

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CANADAMASQ is proud to be a member of the Ontario Made Program.  Born out of the call from the Provincial and Federal Governments to build a national PPE supply chain, CANADAMASQ is dedicated to supply all Canadian with top quality Canadian-made medical masks.



CANADAMASQ is a Canadian manufacturer dedicated to improving

the health, wellbeing, and protection of all Canadians, now and for future generations.








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20 East Wilmot St, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1A4


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