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At CANADAMASQ, our team of experienced leaders is at the heart of our mission to provide exceptional care for Canadians. With a deep passion for service, our team is not only highly skilled, but also incredibly agile, with an entrepreneurial spirit that drives us to take on any challenge, no matter how big or small.


Together, we are dedicated to delivering innovative, high-quality products that exceed our customers' expectations and promote better health and well-being for all.

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Anthony Zhao

Founder and CEO at Canada Masq Corporation

Anthony Zhao is the Founder and CEO of Canada Masq Corporation.


With over 2 years of experience in this role, Anthony has led the Canada Masq organization through unprecedented growth and change.   Anthony has a clear and compelling vision of the future of Canadian healthcare and inspires others to work towards that vision.


A serial entrepreneur, Anthony is skilled at identifying market opportunities, developing business plans, raising capital, and building teams to execute his vision. With a broad network of contacts in the global manufacturing sector, Anthony has access to resources and expertise breeds success.   


Anthony is passionate about Canadian healthcare and ensuring that clinicians have the products they need to optimize patient care.

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Duff Mitchell

Vice President of Business Development

Duff Mitchell is the Vice President of Business Development at Canada Masq Corporation. 


Duff has vast experience in the healthcare industry, having worked for various companies over the years. Before joining Canada Masq Corporation, he worked as a Director of Business Development at Smith and Nephew, a multinational medical equipment company, where he managed dealer relationships in Canada for the Advanced Wound Management division.  Prior to that, Duff worked for Cardinal Health Canada, a healthcare services company, for six years.


With his extensive experience in business development and sales, Duff is a valuable asset to Canada Masq as it strives to deliver high-quality products to the Canadian healthcare sector. 

As a fast growing company, we are always looking for passionate and hard-working individuals to join our team.

Go to our CAREER page and find out about our current job openings. 

Proud Members of the

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CANADAMASQ is proud to be a member of the Ontario Made Program.  Born out of the call from the Provincial and Federal Governments to build a national PPE supply chain, CANADAMASQ is dedicated to supply all Canadian with top quality Canadian-made medical masks.



CANADAMASQ is a Canadian manufacturer dedicated to improving

the health, wellbeing, and protection of all Canadians, now and for future generations.








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