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Q100 CSA Approved Respirator

“The only 100Pa certified respirator made in Canada”

CANADAMASQ provides high-quality filtration for airborne particles, fitting snugly and creating a seal around the mouth and nose.


They significantly reduce the wearer's exposure to hazardous materials, offering customized solutions with various shapes and sizes to ensure a perfect fit.


Our advanced filter material makes breathing safe and easy.


Trust CANADAMASQ for ultimate protection against airborne hazards with our top-of-the-line Q100

Trust CANADAMASQ for ultimate protection against airborne hazards with our top-of-the-line CA-N95 Respirators.

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CA-N95 respirators have a higher level of filtration efficiency than cloth masks and procedural masks, filtering out 95% of airborne particles.

CA-N95 respirators are designed to create a tight seal around the nose and mouth, providing a secure barrier against harmful particles, gases, and vapours.

CA-N95 respirators are made of advanced filter material that blocks small particles, including viruses and bacteria, from passing through the mask.

Cloth masks and procedural masks do not provide the same level of protection as N95 respirators, as they are not designed to create a seal and do not have the same filtration efficiency.

CA-N95 respirators are tested and certified to meet strict standards set by organizations such as the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

CA-N95 respirators are recommended by health authorities for use in high-risk situations, such as healthcare settings or areas with high levels of air pollution.

CA-N95 respirators are a critical component in protecting against respiratory illnesses, such as COVID-19.

Protect yourself with CA-N95 Respirators


•A respirator offers stronger filtration than a cloth or procedural mask, providing a higher level of protection if worn correctly.

•Wearing a mask or respirator incorrectly, removing it frequently, or using a poorly fitting one can reduce its effectiveness.

•When choosing a mask or respirator for higher protection, consider your current circumstances and immediate environment.

•Respirators are more effective at filtering airborne particles, including small respiratory droplets that may carry infectious agents.

•The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the use of N95 respirators for healthcare workers and other individuals in high-risk situations.

•While respirators may be more expensive and difficult to obtain than cloth or procedural masks, their ability to provide a higher level of protection can be critical in certain situations.

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CANADAMASQ Procedure Masks provide three layers of protection

   Outer Layer

• Hydrophobic Non-woven Layer

•  Flat Elastic Earloop

•  Extra Comfort

​•  Nose Clip

•  Increased protection

   Extra Soft Inner Layer
•  Hypoallergenic Non-woven Layer

   Filtration Layer
•  Hypoallergenic Non-woven Layer

Proud Members of the

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CANADAMASQ is proud to be a member of the Ontario Made Program.  Born out of the call from the Provincial and Federal Governments to build a national PPE supply chain, CANADAMASQ is dedicated to supply all Canadian with top quality Canadian-made medical masks.



CANADAMASQ is a Canadian manufacturer dedicated to improving

the health, wellbeing, and protection of all Canadians, now and for future generations.








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