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Leaving your companies mark while promoting safety.

Reliable and On-Brand Protection

Reusable or cloth masks are no longer the best option for safeguarding your staff, team, or clients while they are in the office. Companies are now relying on disposable masks with medical ratings because they offer tried-and-true protection. As a result, an increasing number of companies are producing personalised logo masks for their employees in order to emphasise their safety and produce a polished, unified appearance.

CANADAMASQ is a Canadian manufacturer of ASTM F2100 medical-grade face masks. As a trusted supplier of the Ontario Government and various Regional Governments, we offer Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 adult and pediatric procedure/surgical masks to public and private sector customers across Canada.


Make Your Own Custom Masks

Wear a personalised face mask from CanadamasQ to remain safe and look good. Custom mask services offered by us is an extension of our collection of medical grade masks and respirators. We provide bespoke mask printing for both individual and business requirements. Print as a gift, brand your face mask with your company logo, and more. For free quotes, delivery options, a huge selection, and reasonable rates, contact CanadamasQ. Create your own printed face mask right now.

If you have any questions about our custom face masks or our ordering and delivery processes, contact us at any time. We provide free online estimates for our custom printing services.

Why Custom Masks?

Safety is the main feature of custom face masks for your company. Face masks provide protection for both you and the people nearby because COVID-19 and other airborne diseases are a serious health concern.


Branded Appearance For Employees

Our custom masks can advertise your company, act as an extra element, and help customers recognise your personnel right away.


You can guarantee that your staff and clients will be comfortable by making your own personalised face masks. Disposable face masks are often uncomfortable and have the potential to irritate skin. With CanadamasQ hypoallergenic non-woven materials, you have nothing to worry about.



Hypoallergenic Non-woven Layer

1. Extra Soft Inner layer

2. Filtration layer

Hypoallergenic Non-woven Layer

3. Outer Layer

Hydrophobic Non-woven Layer

Flat Elastic Earloop

Extra Comfort

​Nose Clip

Increased protection

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