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Canada Masq - Why Your Mask Needs to be Hypoallergenic

The mandates are gone, the streets are filled with people and cars, and we’re back in the office. The risks of the pandemic, however, are still very prevalent and pose a serious threat to people who are in at-risk health groups. Regardless of the circumstances, whether it's age, obesity, or an autoimmune condition that is causing your at-risk status, wearing a mask will protect you and other at-risk individuals from the threats of COVID.

Furthermore, COVID is not the only threat to people with weak immune systems - we’re still in the midst of flu season. The flu, as well as many other similar infections, are viral and easily caught. Wearing masks/respirators is the best way to combat these threats.

Some people, however, are not only at-risk for infections but for allergies and other conditions as well. This makes wearing normal masks uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. We’ll be exploring the details of hypoallergenic masks, their benefits, and why they’re the best tool for people who suffer from conditions that make mask-wearing difficult.

What Is a Hypoallergenic Mask?

A hypoallergenic mask is a mask that is constructed with three special layers of hypoallergenic non-woven material. The material isn’t toxic and it absorbs moisture easily, meaning that it provides the wearer with a non-abrasive, comfortable fit.

As mentioned, these masks have three layers. The first layer is an extra soft inner layer that is constructed with hypoallergenic non-woven fabric. This is the layer that your face will have contact with, which is why the hypoallergenic layer is placed first. The second and third layers aren’t actually constructed from hypoallergenic material, as your face will not be in contact with them. Instead, they are made with a high-density melt-blown filter and a hydrophobic non-woven layer, which acts as a shield from invasive droplets and germs.

What do They Protect From?

Hypoallergenic masks protect from COVID, the flu, and other diseases just like all other masks and respirators. The main difference made by hypoallergenic materials, however, is their protection from sources of allergies and their soft, high level of comfort.

Hypoallergenic masks’ defining function is to protect the wearer from pollen and other allergens so they can breathe clearly and comfortably. Moreover, the material used to construct the elastic loops is fabricated from latex-free materials, meaning that people with sensitive skin will not suffer adverse reactions while wearing the mask.

What Happens if You Don’t Wear Hypoallergenic Masks

If you opt to wear normal masks and respirators rather than a hypoallergenic mask, you’re placing yourself at risk of contracting infections and spreading them to others. More importantly for yourself, you’re placing yourself at risk of allergic reactions to pollen and other fine particles. Moreover, for those with sensitive skin, your skin will become red from the harsh rashing that comes as a consequence of low-quality material.

Believe it or not, you’re actually harming the environment if you opt to not wear a hypoallergenic mask. High-quality hypoallergenic masks, such as the ones made by CanadamasQ, are biodegradable. So, if your hypoallergenic mask accidentally gets carried away by the wind, you can rest assured that you’re not harming nature in any way.

Canada Masq - Canadian-Made Masks

Hypoallergenic masks are incredibly high-quality, useful masks that beat typical respirators and masks due to their resistance to pollen and latex-free construction. It means that people who suffer from allergies or skin conditions can protect themselves without being uncomfortable at any point.

Contact CanadamasQ today if you’re interested in buying well-priced, high-quality, and efficient masks that will keep your skin and your lungs happy. We’re a Canadian-owned and operated business, so you can be sure that your interests are our interests!

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