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CANADAMASQ Procedure Masks provide three layers of protection

   Outer Layer

• Hydrophobic Non-woven Layer

•  Flat Elastic Earloop

•  Extra Comfort

​•  Nose Clip

•  Increased protection

   Extra Soft Inner Layer
•  Hypoallergenic Non-woven Layer

   Filtration Layer
•  Hypoallergenic Non-woven Layer

  • Extra soft inner layer is made of graphene-free hypoallergenic non-woven spunbond polypropylene

  • High quality meltblown filter for optimal filtration and breathability.

  • Non-woven spunbond outer layer provides maximum protection against fluid penetration.

  • Flat elastic ear loops are soft, strong, and prevent pulling and irritation for long-time usage (made in-house)

  • Adjustable nose strips form a strong seal to provide customized protection and comfort (made in-house).

  • Available in adult and pediatric sizes.

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