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Our Story

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CANADAMASQ is a trusted Canadian manufacturer for the Ontario Government and various Regional Governments, we offer CSA certificated CA-N95 respirators, adult and pediatric ASTM procedure/surgical masks, bouffant and shoe covers to public and private sector customers across Canada and around the world.


CANADAMASQ has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of disposable respirators and face masks in Ontario. We were born out of the calls from the Provincial and Federal Governments to build a national PPE supply chain, opening our doors in June 2020. CANADAMASQ is proud to create employment opportunities in Ontario's manufacturing sector and delighted to be a valued supplier to Ontario's government. We are dedicated to ensuring that all Canadians have access to high-quality Canadian-manufactured medical masks at a competitive price.

We have grown tremendously over the past years and currently employ 58 full-time employees and have 3 facilities with over 46,000 square feet capacity, and 8,000 square feet of ISO 8 cleanroom. We can produce 1,000,000 respirators daily and 700,000 procedure masks daily. 


We believe that building up our own supply of domestically produced PPE will ensure that Ontario’s safety will never again depend solely on outside sources. CANADAMASQ is committed to finding methods to increase our independence and self-sufficiency. We are proud to be the only Canadian manufacturers to manufacture our own nose wire and ear loops in-house. Based on our greater degree of internal independence, we are better prepared to weather disruptions in the supply chain by being less reliant on external suppliers.


CANADAMASQ is committed to social responsibility and moral integrity. We believe it is important to give back to society and support communities in need by providing high-quality masks to those less fortunate than us. In the past three years, we have partnered with charities including Hope & Healing International, UNICEF, and Canadian Food for Children. Collaboration on these projects has resulted in CANADAMASQ donating over 7 million medical masks and helped raise over $40,000 to those in need.



Respirator Production Lines


Procedure Mask Production Lines


Square Feet
ISO8 - 100,000 Level Cleanroom

1 000 000

Respirators Per Day

700, 000

Procedure Masks  Per Day




- CSA Certified
- ISO 9001 Certified
- Internal Testing Lab
- Cleanroom Environment
- ASTM F2100 Certified
- Health Canada Licensed

- Customized solutions for Canadian customers such as customized ear loop length or adding additional sizes based on customer input
- Unique Designs – Respirators / Procedure Masks (comfortable, breathability,)
- VOC (Voice of Customer)
- Made in Canada
- Domestic Supply Chain – in-house nose wires, ear loops, raw materials

- High Customer Satisfaction
- Manufacturer Warranty
- Competitive Pricing
- Short Lead Time
- Low MOQ
- Reducing Environmental Impact
- Social Responsibility


We've Got You 


CANADAMASQ is proud to create and support manufacturing jobs in Canada.

CANADAMASQ is COMMITTED to protecting our country with Canadian-made solutions that are innovative and affordable.  A local, Canadain manufacturing facility allows us to rely on ourselves a little bit more... and at CANADAMASQ we are doing that;

one MASQ at a time!

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Proud Members of the

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CANADAMASQ is proud to be a member of the Ontario Made Program.  Born out of the call from the Provincial and Federal Governments to build a national PPE supply chain, CANADAMASQ is dedicated to supply all Canadian with top quality Canadian-made medical masks.

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