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Help us raise 1'000'000 Masks for Southern Africa

While most Canadians take for granted the abundance of medical masks we have readily available, many parts of the world do not share this luxury.  In Southern Africa where the Omicron variant emerged, they are in desperate need of masks. It is astonishing that the most vulnerable people in our world do not have access to these essential PPE products. 


This Christmas we are partnering with Hope and Healing International to provide pediatric and adult medical masks to hospitals and health clinics in Southern Africa. We’d like to invite you to help us send 1'000 '000 masks to Southern Africa during this holiday season.  


For every box of masks purchased from CANADAMASQ during Dec 15 – Jan 11, we will donate one box of masks on your behalf to Southern Africa. It won’t cost you anything, but your purchase will help save countless lives. 


Since the start of the pandemic, there’s been a global slowdown in logistics which has seen the cost of shipping skyrocket. If you would like to help us raise funds to ship these masks to Southern Africa, please visit Hope and Healing International to share your love, compassion and kindness with those less fortunate. Let’s make this Christmas extra special!

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Give children like Dalitso

life-saving medical care

Hope and Healing International is an organization working with the most forgotten children and families living in the poorest communities of the world.  Because they believe in the value of every child, they work to bring health and hope to children with disabilities in poor countries like Malawi.  I want to share with you about their work and an incredible opportunity you have this Christmas to change the life of a child.  A child like Dalitso who is in desperate need of life-saving medical care.

COVID-19’s newest threat Omicron emerged out of Southern Africa in November, cutting off and isolating some of the poorest countries on Earth.  There is growing concern further restrictions could push what is now widespread food insecurity into deadly famine.

Hope and Healing works with established partners already on the ground providing life-changing medical care for children with disability.  Children like Dalitso.  Eight-year-old Dalitso suffered deep pain prior to having his terribly infected eye removed.  His mom Dzalape, fearing COVID-19 and the cost of treatment, sought traditional healing for her son.  These herbal remedies worsened the infection and as a result his eye couldn’t be saved.

With COVID-19 hospital visits are often avoided, out of fear of contracting the deadly virus.  Vaccines are unavailable, leaving the most vulnerable at risk and our healthcare providers fearful of infection.  They need masks to protect themselves and their young children.  Masks to ensure that moms and dads feel safe coming to the hospital for treatment to save their sick child.

Receiving timely care by medically trained professionals is critically important, preventing treatable conditions from becoming lifelong disabilities. With your help, we can ensure Malawi’s health care professionals can be properly protected so children like Dalitso receive the sight-saving care they deserve.

Visit Hope and Healing:



Hypoallergenic Non-woven Layer

1. Extra Soft Inner layer

2. Filtration layer

Hypoallergenic Non-woven Layer

3. Outer Layer

Hydrophobic Non-woven Layer

Flat Elastic Earloop

Extra Comfort

​Nose Clip

Increased protection

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