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Shift Supervisor / Team Lead

JOB DESCRIPTION: Shift Supervisor / Team Lead

DEPARTMENT: Production


REPORTS TO: VP, Operations

REVISION DATE: May 10, 2021


The Shift Supervisor plays a critical role in the direct manufacturing piece of the business. Leading a

production team to ensure proper machine operations, maintenance, and development and adherence to

strict safely policies and procedures.

Reporting directly to the VP of Operations, the Shift Supervisor is responsible for communicating the needs of

the production floor, supervising the clean room, and the needs of the staff he/she directly supervises to their

direct report.

in addition to being a hands-on and participative supervisor that leads a team and develops policies and

procedures, the Shift Supervisor supports Canada MasQ in the following areas:

• Health & Safety Committee Oversite and Participation

• Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

• Provide innovative solutions to improve plant efficiency

• Conduct routine preventive maintenance on the machines

• Log and record production numbers

• Follow quality and safety procedures and make recommendations for improvements

• Oversee that COVID procedures are being upheld

• Perform supervisory tasks such as reviews and training



Without limiting the generality of the foregoing in any way, specific duties shall include:

• Oversee and coordinate plant operations and activities

• Troubleshoot and resolve machine issues in a timely fashion

• Load and unload equipment and materials

• Perform maintenance and quality checks on machines

• Log and record production numbers

• Follow and oversee quality and safety procedures

• Lead a production team




• Secondary School (Diploma)


• Previous experience in automated machine operations or other related fields

• Strong troubleshooting and critical thinking skills

• Ability to handle physical workload

• Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment

• Previous supervisory and quality control experience

Please submit you resume to:

Patricia  Giunta, HR manager



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