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100% Sourced and Made in Ontario

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​​Why Choose Trillium?


Welcome Trillium Collection, a line of product stands as a testament to Ontario’s commitment to quality and sustainability. By being 100% sourced and produced locally, we aim to bolster the manufacturing supply chain within Ontario, creating jobs and supporting the local economy. This initiative not only ensures the highest standards of mask production but also fosters a self-sustained and resilient manufacturing ecosystem in our province.

By choosing the Trillium Collection, you are not only opting for superior protection and comfort but also contributing to a stronger local economy and a more sustainable future.

Explore our range of Trillium masks today and experience the difference of quality and care, right from the heart of Ontario.

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CANADAMASQ Procedure Masks provide three layers of protection

   Outer Layer

• Hydrophobic Non-woven Layer

•  Flat Elastic Earloop

•  Extra Comfort

​•  Nose Clip

•  Increased protection

   Extra Soft Inner Layer
•  Hypoallergenic Non-woven Layer

   Filtration Layer
•  Hypoallergenic Non-woven Layer

  • Highly Breathable Meltblown Material: Ensures maximum filtration without compromising breathability.

  • Soft and Non-Irritable Non-Woven Fabric: Provides gentle comfort for all skin types.

  • Aluminum Nose Wire: Offers a secure, customizable fit.

  • Flat Ear Loops: Minimizes pressure and enhances comfort for prolonged use.

  • 100% Sourced and Made in Ontario: Supports local manufacturing and strengthens Ontario's supply chain.

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