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Canada Masq happily provides the nation with high-quality masks with a Canadian footprint. We’re driven by our commitment to provide Canadians with high-quality, warrantied, and well-priced masks to keep friends and family safe. 

Made by Canadians, For Canadians

We’re a proudly Canadian-owned provider of high-quality ASTM F2100 medical-grade masks. We supply individuals, businesses, and the government with reliable masks that keep diseases out and protect the wearer at all times. 


Working out of Richmond Hill, Canada Masq supplies the regional municipalities and the provincial government with level 1, level 2, and level 3 masks that are used and trusted daily. Our Ontario-based location means that we have a deep connection with the people we are serving as we share the same health-related interests as everybody else. 


We Manufacture in Canada

As Canadians, nothing makes us happier than supporting Canadian communities and individuals. We’re glad to manufacture our high-quality masks on Canadian soil - it’s an opportunity to provide the everyday Canadian with the chance to work for a company that is concerned with helping others.

Another benefit of manufacturing on Canadian soil is that we’re able to rely on ourselves. We don’t have to worry about poor quality standards of manufacturing facilities in countries that may not ensure the quality of the products or the safety of the workers.

Lastly, having Canadian workers make the masks means that they’re much more concerned with maintaining a high standard of quality. After all, they’re the ones responsible for manufacturing the masks worn by their family, friends, and the people around them.



Hypoallergenic Non-woven Layer

1. Extra Soft Inner layer

2. Filtration layer

Hypoallergenic Non-woven Layer

3. Outer Layer

Hydrophobic Non-woven Layer

Flat Elastic Earloop

Extra Comfort

​Nose Clip

Increased protection

Our Canadian-Made Masks

We have a healthy selection of high-quality Canadian-made masks for sale. We accommodate businesses and other facilities by offering 25% off bulk orders and help families with present ideas by offering gift cards.

We supply Canada with:

  • CA-N95 Flat-Fold Respirators

  • ASTM Procedure Masks

  • Ear loop extenders

  • Mask sample packages

  • COVID tests

  • And more!


Layered & Biodegradable For a Green Canadian Future

We’re deeply concerned about the health of our planet, just as we are about the health of individuals - that’s why our masks are not only innovative but biodegradable too! Our masks are compostable, meaning that after a period of time, they degrade into wood waste. After this process, they break down further and turn into biocarbon. Once in the bio-carbon state, the materials can be used again to create high-quality masks!

The biodegradable material used to construct the masks can be found in their three-layer assembly process. The first layer is an extra soft inner layer that ensures the mask wearer is as comfortable as possible. The second layer is the filtration layer - this layer greatly contributes to the protection offered by the masks as it keeps out unwanted particles and droplets. The third layer is the outer layer, which behaves similarly to a shield. It includes a nose clip for extra comfort and strong flat elastic earloops to increase the wearer’s protection.

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