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Heart to Zambia

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

5 million masks, 5 million blessings

Part 1: Planting a Seed of Compassion

We are deeply grateful for the support and interest showed by everyone who has contacted us regarding CANADAMASQ's initiative in Zambia following our CTV interview. It warms our hearts to see that there are many caring individuals concerned about underprivileged communities. This support encourages us to keep making a difference in society.

You might be curious about how CANADAMASQ, located 12,589km away from Zambia, managed to establish this connection. It all began amid the pandemic in 2021…

As CANADAMASQ worked tirelessly to produce millions of masks to safeguard Canadians, we recognized that numerous communities worldwide still had limited access to essential healthcare supplies.

Through the Toronto-based charity Hope and Healing International, we learned about the dire situation in southern Saharan Africa, where the Omicron variant originated. The acute shortage of COVID-19 protective gear put countless lives at risk, particularly those of children with medical conditions and disabilities.

Moved by this crisis, Anthony Zhao, CANADAMASQ's CEO, swiftly donated 5 million masks to assist in saving lives in Africa. This act of kindness has sown the seeds of compassion on the African continent.

Part 2: A caring spirits of Canada to Zambia

We felt that adding Maple leaves to our masks would give them a special Canadian touch before sending them off to Zambia. Our close-knit teams at Canada Masq and Hope and Healing are working hand in hand, creating masks from the heart to truly make a difference for those in need.

Our collaboration is all about sharing the warmth, empathy, and kindness that Canadians are known for. By working side by side, Canada Masq and Hope and Healing have combined our passions to help support the communities in Zambia that need essential supplies, like masks, to keep them safe and healthy.

Incorporating the iconic Maple leaf into our masks adds a personal touch, symbolizing the caring spirit of Canada. These Maple leaf masks not only represent our country but also convey a message of hope and strength to the people receiving them in Zambia.

As we gather to craft these special Maple leaf masks, there's a warm atmosphere of friendship, unity, and understanding. Everyone, whether from Canada Masq or Hope and Healing, feels a deep connection to the Zambian people and is eager to make a positive difference in their lives. It's in these moments that the true essence of Canadian values shines brightly.

This mask donation highlights the ongoing needs of vulnerable communities in countries like Zambia. Our collaboration is a reminder that when we come together, we can make a meaningful impact on the lives of others, regardless of the distance that separates us.

In the end, the collaboration between Canada Masq and Hope and Healing is an inspiring story of empathy, compassion, and unity, driving positive change in the world. Working together to create and donate Maple leaf masks for vulnerable people in Zambia, we extend our hands in friendship and support across borders. As these masks make their journey to Zambia, they'll symbolize hope, healing, and the power of human connection—values we hold dear as Canadians.

CANADAMASQ employees and Hope and Healing team members making respirators for Africa together.

Our story doesn't end here, though. Keep an eye out for parts 3 and 4, coming in late April.

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