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Why You Should Buy Made-In-Canada Masks

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Even as the COVID pandemic wanes, the need for medical-grade masks is still crucial. Protecting yourself and those around you from respiratory illnesses can be facilitated with the use of a disposable mask.

However, the need to import masks into the country has all but disappeared. A made-in-Canada mask is now a better alternative to an imported mask.

Hence, the team at CanadamasQ would like you to know why you should be buying made-in-Canada masks.

Quality Control

Importing masks from other countries introduces a significant number of unknowns into your purchase. Your ability to guarantee the quality of your masks is hindered because of the processes you have no control over.

The quality standards used to make the masks might be subpar and you would have no way of knowing. The chemicals used and the manufacturing process might not meet the same safety standards as a made-in-Canada mask. The imports could end up being ineffective or could contribute to other medical and environmental complications.

Buying Canada-made masks gives you a guarantee of the quality of the masks. The company has to adhere to stringent standards that protect the employees as well as the masks you’re buying. The transport of the masks to your location will be shorter and reduce any risk of contamination before they reach your destination.

Increased Availability

The pandemic increased the demand for masks and local manufacturers struggled to keep up with the increased demand. Special measures were implemented to ensure healthcare workers got the most reliable respirators (N-95) while everyone else used alternatives.

Now, Canadian companies can meet the demand on the market and N-95 masks are available to all who need them. Now that the best masks for preventing respiratory illnesses are available, there is no need to import masks from other countries.

Reduced Economical Strain

The process of acquiring masks from overseas companies is a time-consuming process that also requires a significant financial commitment. This was especially arduous during the pandemic when every country was looking to purchase masks where ever they could be found. Outbidding local interests in that country and shipping it to Canada was always a drain on financial resources. Waiting on the masks’ arrival was very inconvenient and inefficient.

Buying made-in-Canada masks is a more efficient solution all around. With the increased availability of procedure masks, the acquisition costs are greatly reduced. Also, transport is a much simpler and cheaper process due to the reduced distance between your location and the manufacturer. Emergencies that cause a need for specialised products like pediatric masks don’t create the stress and hassle associated with an import.

CanadamasQ - Wholesale Medical Masks and Respirators in Ontario

While the demands of the pandemic may have necessitated importing masks, now purchasing made-in-Canada masks is the better option. The increased safety and security with the additional financial benefits make this an easy choice for any potential customers.

Please contact us for the purchase of medical-grade masks in Ontario. CanadamasQ manufactures ASTM 2100 masks with the aid of an ISO 8 Clean Room. We are certified by the Ontario Government to produce masks and we are also a proud member of the Made In Ontario program. Our team is committed to ensuring superior quality control and creating better health, well-being, and protection for all.

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