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Masking During The Flu Season

As the weather gets colder and colder, the risk of catching influenza grows higher and higher. Given how prevalent respiratory viruses like COVID are still prevalent, protections like flu masks may be necessary. However, scientific consensus on the use of masks during flu season is split into specific caveats and categories.

Hence, the team at CanadamasQ would like to inform you on whether or not to mask up during flu season.

Healthcare Situations

During this time of year, it’s best to watch out for the telltale symptoms of influenza and other seasonal infections. Harsh coughs, sneezes, and other indicators of sickness are early indicators and should be taken seriously as soon as possible.

If you suspect you have the flu or any other respiratory illness, the best thing is to wear a mask until you can isolate yourself from others. When you are appropriately isolated or if your diagnosis reveals a cause other than infection for your symptoms, you can remove the mask.

Healthcare personnel should also wear procedure masks when in the proximity of a suspected or diagnosed patient. If the patient requires measures such as respirators or IV fluids, additional precautions should be taken to protect against the spread of the infection.

Non-Healthcare Situations

Outside of controlled healthcare environments, the efficacy of flu masks is reduced without the use of additional strategies. When combined with pharmaceuticals (vaccines and anti-virals) and social measures (social distancing) the effectiveness of mask usage increases.

The best option for those diagnosed with seasonal influenza is to stay at home until the symptoms subside to avoid spreading the infection. If their illness becomes acute enough to require hospitalization, they should wear masks during transit, especially in public spaces.

Those who live in close proximity to or interact with high-risk persons, like the elderly, children, and the immunocompromised, should make use of masks to prevent spreading infections among them. Those at high risk of serious complications from respiratory infections should also make use of masks to limit their exposure. This is especially crucial in social settings where the number of people around is high and the chances of interacting with an infected person are uncertain.

CanadamasQ - Certified Medical Grade Face Masks

Using masks during this time is essential in helping you avoid any of the seasonal infections known to plague people. With the addition of further precautions, your health should be secure until the risk of the season passes.

Please contact us if you need high-quality medical grade and pediatric masks. CanadamasQ manufactures its masks in a cutting-edge ISO 8 Clean Room environment. It ensures superior quality control as well as the long-term development of innovative and environmentally friendly products through continuous research and development. CanadamasQ creates safe and effective masks for everyone who needs them.

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