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Ontario Organizations Join Together to Make a Global Impact

CANADAMASQ & Hope and Healing International partner together to create masks at a team-building event.

CANADAMASQ recently donated five million medical-grade adult and pediatric masks to Hope and Healing International’s frontline medical partners in sub-Saharan Africa. Thanks to our partner, Hope and Healing, our masks donation will go to African hospitals and clinics in desperate need of PPE due to shortages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This donation will allow life-saving surgeries and treatment for children with disabilities to continue while reducing the risk for frontline medical workers.

“The donation of these masks will directly lead to more kids walking, playing and going to school, It’s incredible to see a Canadian company like Canada Masq have such a global vision. This is what community is about.” -- Ed Epp said - the Hope and Healing’s executive director.

Mark (Finance Director) and Roberto (Warehouse Coordinator) loaded the container to CBCHS - Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services.

Canada Masq and Hope and Healing International work together to create masks at a team-building event.

“The pandemic again reminded us that we’re in this together, it’s a global village and we have to remember there are people in other parts of the world that suffer,” Zhao says. “We are very fortunate to be here in Canada and we’re fortunate enough to receive all this support from our government and healthcare service providers. We want to help other countries and people who suffer.”

The masks were sent to Nkhoma Eye Clinic in Malawi

We are proud to partner with amazing organizations like Hope and Healing International which work tirelessly to make a difference in people's lives.


Hope and Healing International is a charitable organization serving the world’s most forgotten kids – children living with the double disadvantage of disability and poverty.

Hope and Healing provide healing and empowering medical care and support by partnering with local hospitals, schools and community programs in 12 countries. Their child and ability-centred programs and collaborative approach integrate local expertise, cultural appropriateness and sustainability with the goal of enabling children with disabilities to live healthier, happier, longer lives. For more information about Hope and Healing International, visit

Photo Credit: Canada Masq and Hope and Healing International

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